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ECY Yacht Management Program

Why place your yacht in our management program? Quite simply, our goal is to provide the owner with a yacht that produces income to offset the owner's cost of ownership, is carefully maintained, is always available for the owner to use in a wonderful sailing environment. The answers to the three most common questions people ask explain our services the best:

1. Why would I want to put my yacht into charter service?
  • You are rewarded with a well-maintained yacht in your absence
  • You may enjoy a substantial financial return plus possible tax benefits (possible deductions for operating expenses, depreciation, and interest against your charter revenues)
  • You have the pleasure of bringing your family and friends onboard your yacht without the hassle (your yacht will be ready and waiting, spotlessly clean, looking magnificent and fully serviced…

With today’s busy lifestyles, we simply don't have a chance to use our boats as often as we had thought we would. Factors such as maintenance, weather or personal obligations often interfere in our boating plans. When you compare the costs of keeping your yacht (slip fees, maintenance, insurance, loan payment, etc.) to how many days per year you actually get to enjoy your boat, letting someone else use and maintain it is an excellent proposition.

2. But how often will I really get to use my yacht?

As often as you wish. Simply reserve your boat in advance for the dates you want. We do ask that you work around any confirmed reservations we have for any last minute trips you might like to take. Of course, the more you use it, the less it is available for charter, so your earnings potential may be affected by the amount of your use.

3. How do you decide whether or not the charterer is capable of handling my yacht?

All charter applicants must demonstrate ASA or US Sailing certification, prior charter, boat ownership or an extensive cruising history. Upon arrival, the charterer is given a complete orientation onboard the yacht and a review of all systems and safety items, and a chart briefing. If there is any doubt as to abilities, we will make arrangements for one of our certified instructors to go with them as their “captain” or we will put them through the ASA Bareboat Certification –any associated extra fees are paid for by the charterer.

Interested in our yacht management program? Please give us a call at 850-554-2505 or send us an email at info@ecsailing.com

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