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ECY to Host 2018 Spring Flotilla


We're hosting another flotilla this Spring!

Play video to see our 2017 Spring Flotilla getting underway from Little Sabine!


April 19th thru April 22nd


Sabine Marina, Pensacola Beach


We plan to offer 5 boats in the flotilla: Blue Moon, Ray Sea Lady, Sea Fever, La Reine and Child's Play. Of course, we hope David and Kelly will join us on Southern Cross !

Capt. Bruce & Vickie will return aboard their Fortuna Island Spirit catamaran Twisted with 2 berths available.


We'll have dinner at a restaurant on Pensacola Beach Thursday night and get underway Friday morning. Our destinations will be finalized at the dinner on Thursday night.

We are considering a trip to Tarklin Bay on Perdido Bay and then the Florabama. We'll be back at Sabine on Sunday afternoon.


Pricing is $1,000 per cabin and each boat has two cabins, except Ray Sea Lady has three. If you are a qualified Skipper, and wish to charter an entire boat, the price is $1,800 per boat. We require a 50% deposit to reserve your boat or cabin.

Each boat must have a qualified Skipper.


We will provide linens and a minimum of 2 dinghies with outboards.

Please note this year we will not provide breakfasts nor dinner.

This is a great way to meet other ECY students and charterers!

Capts. Rick & Peggy will again lead the flotilla, but this year we will be aboard Blue Moon. We will have 1 cabin available aboard Blue Moon.

Availability is limited, call Peggy today at 850-554-2505 to reserve your cabin or boat!

We really hope to see you for the 2018 Spring Flotilla!

For those of you who are new to flotillas, the American Sailing Association (ASA) provides the following excellent description:

Flotilla sailing charter vacations bring together a fleet of sailboats, each operating independently with its own crew, along with a lead boat and flotilla leader who knows the local area well. By joining a flotilla, you can enjoy the freedom of skippering your own boat but have comfort in knowing that support and advice are on hand to help with navigation and local weather.

What is a flotilla?

A flotilla is a group of charter boats that travel a shared itinerary. A flotilla is led by an expert on the local waters who guides the other captains and their crews every step of the way. Often the captain of each individual boat is at liberty to follow the itinerary as closely or loosely as they desire, meaning you can spend an extra day in a favorite port, find a secluded beach for some impromptu swimming, or stick with the group.

Who are flotillas for?

Everyone can enjoy a flotilla. For experienced skippers, flotillas are a fun new challenge, and for relative newcomers, flotilla sailing is a great way to take away the intimidation factor of chartering in unfamiliar waters, while meeting fantastic new people and having an incredible experience they'll remember all their lives. For many people, attending a flotilla hosted by an ASA school has opened the door for chartering on their own in places like the British Virgin Islands and the Mediterranean.

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